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Pool Owners: How Does the New Title 20 Law Affect You?

If you have a swimming pool, listen up. If it's not new construction and you have been enjoying it for years, you need to know about Title 20, especially if you live in California. In brief, the California Energy Commission (CEC) Title 20 Appliance Efficiency Regulations as they relate to the residential swimming pool industry require that new or replacement residential pool filtration pumps must meet certain energy efficiency standards.

Pool Pump Efficiency Regulations

The regulation states that pool pump motors manufactured on or after January 1, 2006, may not be split-phase or capacitor start (this means the induction run type). Further, the pump must be of two-speed capability. Simply, this means that the pump needs to operate at two or more speeds, with a low speed having a rotation rate that is no more than one-half of the motor's maximum rotation rate. The default circulation speed shall be the lowest speed, with a high-speed override capability for a temporary period not to exceed one normal cycle.

Understanding California's Title 20 Law

If this seems confusing, there's a reason for that. The laws are written in a way that would confuse any pool owner. Here's the information in understandable terms. If your pool and equipment were put in before January 1, 2006, you may need to upgrade to meet the standards of the new law. California's Title 20 law was passed to help conserve energy by forcing pool owners to upgrade their equipment to more efficient systems. No longer rated by horsepower, these systems are rated by RPMs. As of January 1, 2008, any swimming pool filter pumps that burn out or break MUST BE replaced with either a two-speed or multi-speed motor. This means automated controls must be connected to them, so if one part of your equipment is outdated, it is likely that the rest may need to be replaced to make the new components work correctly and hold up to Title 20 standards.

Does your system meet the new standards?

It could be that part of your system is up to par and you just need to upgrade other parts. However, you may not know without calling a professional out to have a look at your existing system. Penalties can be heavy if your pool equipment doesn't measure up to new Title 20 standards, so be mindful of the new law. Upgrading your equipment can vary in price, so we cannot give you a quote over the phone. We can come out for a no-fee, no-obligation consultation. We'll give you straight talk on your system and what you need to do to have it upgraded to meet today's standards. We'll keep your budget in mind, too.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Before you fret over costs, remember this… In the long run, whatever you spend to upgrade will come back to you in energy savings. Learn more. Call us to schedule a consultation, so we can take a look at your pool equipment. You might be just fine. You might not need a thing. If that's the case, we'll tell you so!

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