swimming pool with decking and spa

Swimming Pools

Ever walked into a neighbor's backyard to have your jaw drop because it's so gorgeous? Maybe they have a custom-designed pool in the shape of something that reminds you of a favorite vacation? Perhaps there are waterfall jets gently pouring down into the pool, creating a sudden sense of tranquility? Or the Jacuzzi area is so inviting that you want to slip in and take a relaxing rest?

Maybe the deck leads to the whole scene making it so enticing that you just want to follow the path and dive in? We can create that for you, too! We create pools you wouldn't believe in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional kidney to the custom design of the owner's choice. One of the most popular custom designs is a tear-shaped pools.

Let us create a pool or outdoor living space for you. We can use any type of paver or decking you want. There are so many options you might not believe it. A lot of people like natural-looking stone, with the pavers surrounding the whole pool area. Others like the look of wood decking. Again, there are many choices, from all-natural to water- and weather-resistant manufactured materials that mimic the look of wood.

We first design the pool area or outdoor living space (or courtyard or entertainment area) on paper, complete with landscaping and water features you might want. We go over your tile and stone paver choices, and your decking options. We work with you before the actual work begins, so you will know exactly what the end result will be.

Although you've made it easy for me to regale your future customers with eloquent prose, they really only need to know the following about your work for us:


• Ahead of schedule
• Below budget
• Personal oversight
• Quality workmanship and
ª Better than agreed!


Thanks for making our project successful.


Don Pelgrim

If you have room for a small pool, we can make it look just as beautiful as any larger pool area. Our expertise and more than 20 years in this business mean that you can have what you want ... with our help, of course.

If you have an existing pool, it might be time for a renovation. Times have changed. There are more options in pools, including eco-friendly saline (salt water) pools, as well as a tremendous variation of choice in pavers and decking. There are water features we can add to enhance the look of your existing pool. We can replace that old blue tile with updated stonework. We can even do repairs of any kind. This is critical, because it saves you money in the long run. There is new equipment that can save you between 30% to 90% in energy and related costs. Read an article about this now.