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Salt Water Pools Offer Lots of Benefits

Today, much attention is given to going green. The pool industry now offers an eco-friendly option in water treatment that is kinder on the swimmer’s skin and eyes and causes less damage to the pool itself. What is this newfound element? Saline … or rather salt water!

How does the system work?

Easily. Converting the salt into a pure form of chlorine that sanitizes your pool water, the saline is then automatically converted back into salt and prepared for the next cycle of sanitation. This system is incredibly effective. Maybe that is why saltwater pools are becoming more and more popular with homeowners.

With a saline pool, the homeowner gains several benefits.

For example, they can:

  • Use fewer chemicals – Less chemicals means more money in your pocket. You won’t be buying great jugs of harsh and messy chlorine to add to your system. Saline is a natural substitute and a lot easier to deal with all around.
  • Have cleaner water – If you want clean, clear, soft pool water, try a saline pool. You will be pleased with the results. You get a much more natural swimming experience. It’s like having a touch of the ocean in your own backyard!
  • No-fuss operation – Wouldn’t you rather spend more time enjoying your pool than worrying about its maintenance? With today’s equipment, you don’t have to worry about controlling the salt levels in your pool; the equipment does it for you automatically.

With a saline pool, traditional chlorine usually isn’t necessary to keep your pool sanitized. You don’t have to shock your pool either. This is automated by the new equipment, but you should check the pH levels weekly, as well as the levels of other elements used in your pool. If you forget to monitor the pH levels, you can have the equipment make the right adjustments with chemicals if necessary, but that won’t happen often.

Pool owners sometimes ask if they still need to use a clarifier. No, but it can’t hurt. Clarifiers enhance your filter’s ability to filter out the tiniest of particles. We can recommend the best clarifier for your saline pool. Another question we get is whether swimmers can taste the salt. Not usually. Some people say there is a very slight taste of salt but nothing noteworthy. Plus, beyond the initial dosing of salt, the only thing you have to do is check the levels (we suggest weekly). Most likely you won’t have to replace the salt unless you use the pool a lot and have to continually add water due to splash out.

From time to time it is good to have a pool professional come out and check your saltwater pool. This professional should be familiar with this type of pool and the levels necessary to keep it running right. The equipment should be checked for operational stability, too, so things will keep running correctly. By having a saline pool and keeping up with maintenance checks, you will not just be going green, you’ll have more green in your wallet!

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