Pool and Spa Repairs

Shell Sea's Pools and Spas not only installs pools and spas, but we repair them and upgrade them. Read why you need to repair pool problems and about the new high efficiency pool equipment that's available for new pools and upgrades today.

When your pool turns green, it's time to clean the pool. However, when you decide to GO green with your pool, it means you're choosing to use eco-friendly equipment that will save you money year after year. That's a smart move.

Today's eco-friendly pool equipment offers many benefits:

  • Simpler to use
  • Uses far less energy than yesterday's counterparts (30% - 90%!)
  • Provides the most fuel-efficient pumps around
  • Conserves waste
  • Cuts down on noise
  • Gives you more control over your environment and savings


Because we use only the highest-quality equipment, we can provide you with many green choices for your pool (like the saline or salt water pool) and outdoor living space needs. Be sure to read an article about why today's fuel- and energy-efficient equipment makes a lot of sense. First, it puts more green in your pocket from the first year. Beyond this obvious benefit, you get more control, less noise and a high return on your investment over time.