Swimming pool with waterfalls and tree reflections

How Important is Pool Repair?

So what if you have broken plaster, cracked tile, rust stains or are missing a drain cover? Doesn’t seem to be a problem, right? You are still enjoying your pool, right? Wrong. It’s what you can’t see on the surface that’s going to cause you the costly problems. Keeping the surface issues maintained should help keep larger problems from forming.

When you see issues with your pool, call a professional repair crew to fix them immediately:

Broken Plaster –

From blistering in the plaster to cracking to complete “pop-offs” in which the plaster has come undone in areas of your pool, you need to take care of the problem before seepage occurs below decks. A competent pool repair specialist will break out the plaster until good plaster-to-shell contact is reestablished. The edges are prepped and the gap is floated in with new plaster. Plaster will cure underwater.


Cracks  –

Cracking is common and the causes range from superficial hydration due to prolonged sun exposure to leaks caused by the earth’s movement under the pool. Your pool repair professional will evaluate the cracks to see what caused them, so he can repair them the right way.


Drain Cover Replacement ­

Even if your drain covers aren’t damaged you may need them replaced to live up to new standards, particularly in California. If you don’t know the rules, do a bit of research or call us. We can come out and see if your drains and covers are up to par. If you have damage to your drain cover(s), let us take a look. Sometimes it’s an easy fix that won’t cost much. However, we can’t tell you until we see the problem.


Ladder Replacement –

Is your ladder broken, damaged or just unsightly? If the ladder has come loose, it is a danger that can cost you mightily. Think about what would happen if one of your pool guests were injured while climbing in or out of your pool because you didn’t have the thing repaired when you should have? Lawsuits are costly … a whole heck of a lot more costly than repairing the ladder(s). 


Rust Stain Removal –

Rust is ugly, but beyond that, it can indicate deeper problems. Could be that the structure under your pool is in need of repair. It may be that the rebar (long steel rods) is in trouble. Think of this as the backbone of your pool. When this backbone is compromised, for example when it develops small cracks, water can penetrate the covering under the plaster, which ends up seeping through to the top layer of your pool. Corrosion can result and absolutely needs to be repaired.  According to the depth of the problem, your pool repair professional has options to fix the problem. In severe cases, areas of your pool may need to be removed and replaced after the rebar is repaired. Again, the professional won’t know until he takes a look for himself. It is always best to call for a free estimate. Rust is not always just rust.


Other Problems  –

Above we have offered an overview of the most common repair issues we see and deal with every day. Here is a short list of other issues that may need repair:

  • Bonding and beams
  • Tile and coping
  • Grout

If your pool is in poor condition and needs a lot of repair, you may consider updating its look to something more contemporary, using materials that will last many years to come and that will reduce the need for ongoing repairs. We can give your pool and/or Jacuzzi the facelift it needs and repair issues along the way. Give us a call to schedule your free consultation today at949 459-8798.