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Frequently Asked Questions on Swimming Pools and Spas

Q. How's does the process of building a pool work?

A. We begin by chatting with you by phone and then in person at your home, so we can see the space you're considering improving. Expect us to ask you a lot of questions. That way, we know exactly what you want. We cover every area, from the pool or outdoor living space of your dreams to what is realistic for your space and budget. We create a hand-drawn plan, complete with landscaping, and we go over it with you. We make changes to your specifications and explain how the area should be designed as we present the plan.

Once you agree to have us do the work, we schedule the start date and we arrive on time. Our crews are polite, clean, quiet and empathetic to your needs. We realize that home improvement projects can be hard on the nerves. We do everything in our power to make the process as painless and non-intrusive as possible. And we stay on deadline.

Q: What is the cost?

A: This is the number-one question that we hear. The difficult answer is that until we see your space and discuss in depth what you want your backyard to look like, there is no way to give you an up front estimate. You need to schedule a no-cost consultation, so we can come to your home and take proper measurements, discuss the many decking options, pool styles (if it's a pool that you want) an other possible amenities for your outdoor living space. Today, there are so many options in materials and what we can build for you that you will be amazed. We can discuss your budget and needs; then together we will create a plan for your dream backyard, pool or no pool.

Q: What if I just want repairs done to my existing pool?

A: We do that. From the simplest repairs, like plaster work, to re-piping to complete renovations, we can discuss your needs. We do not quote prices over the phone, because we need to see the damage first. There may be things we see that you don't. We've been in the pool industry for a long time and can spot problems, so we can fix them before they turn your dream backyard into a nightmare money pit. Schedule your no-cost consultation today.

I want to take this opportunity to express to you my sincere appreciation for the professional work on my pool and barbecue tiling.

Your crew was exceptional in their workmanship and I couldn't be happier with the results. You were always available for any questions I had and your design of my barbecue was more than I ever expected.

The crew was always polite and extremely knowledgeable. The results of their work and YOUR workmanship made my yard beautiful! You and your crew worked hard to please me and, believe me, I AM pleased.

I would be more than willing to send any prospective customers to my home to witness for themselves the outstanding work you did!

Bette Jo Nunn, Laguna Hills

Q: I live in an association, where there is a big pool for residents. I have a nice-sized backyard and have been playing with the idea of putting a small pool or Jacuzzi in. I go back and forth about doing it. Why would I want to add a pool?

A: We hear this question from time to time. The main reason to consider adding a small pool or Jacuzzi to your backyard is for privacy. When you live in an association, you have a pool at your disposal, but so do all the other residents … and their children. Some associations provide an adult pool, but even then, it is certainly not a private experience. The association spas are nice, but if you've ever taken a dip in one, you'll see immediately the benefits of having your private Jacuzzi in your backyard. Though children and young teens are not supposed to be allowed in the association spas, they definitely have no trouble getting in. Suddenly, your relaxing trip to the association Jacuzzi is a splash fest of young people who are chattering about school and dating. In your backyard, you can sip wine, look at the stars and truly relax.

Q: I hear there is new equipment that helps save money. I have an old pool with old equipment that sucks the money from my pocket. Can you tell me more about the new equipment and the savings?

A: You are right. The new equipment we install (in new construction or can replace your old equipment with) offers a lot of benefits. First, it does indeed save you big over time. One manufacturer we like to use is Pentair and they say the equipment saves the homeowner between 30% to 90% is energy consumption each year. That translates to hundreds, sometimes thousands a year. From what we see, it's true. Second, the new equipment is very quiet. Old equipment, as you know, can be very noisy, which takes away from your relaxing experience poolside. Third, a lot of the new equipment is considered eco-friendly. Four, the new equipment gives you more control. Because it's digitally controlled, you choose the settings, you can do a lot more than you think to keep your energy bills down! We can go over in detail with you all the benefits when we meet. Until then, we invite you to read an article about it. Schedule your no-consultation, have your questions ready and we'll chat in person.

Q: I don't know exactly what I want for my backyard. I know I want a pool, but I also would like an entertainment area. What can you recommend.

A: First, schedule a no-cost consultation. That way, we can see what we have to work with. You should be able to have both a pool and an entertainment area. You might be able to have a nice courtyard. It depends on your space. We will make it beautiful. We will go over your paver or decking choices, what can fit into your space, the landscaping that will be needed for a finished look, and everything else. We give you information and pricing on materials, so you can make an educated decision. Once you have decided from our list of options and our recommendations, we draw a plan for you to review. We can make changes to the plan. Then we start the work, keep it clean along the construction process and build you the pool and/or outdoor living space you've always wanted. We can even give you referrals. Our customers are so happy with the results that they tell us to invite prospective customers to their homes to see our work.

Q: I like our pool, but it is old and cracked. The tile is blue, like that used in the 70's. We want an updated look. Can you do that?

A. Absolutely. There are many options now in tile and surfaces. You want a resort look to your pool area? We can do that. You want something that reminds you of the Mediterranean? We can do that. You want something simple? We do that, too. What your heart desires, we can create, most likely under budget and in faster time than you might expect. Contact us.