New Poolside Equipment Means Less Expense and Greater Enjoyment!

It is critical to keep your poolside equipment running in top condition. However, even if you do maintain your outdated equipment, truth be told, it is costing you more than you think ... possibly into the thousands each and every year. Plus, it's ugly and takes up a lot of space. It is difficult to maintain and doesn't give you much control either. Today's equipment offers a small footprint, greater convenience, it's easy to maintain and keep clean, requires little hands-on interaction, offers you green options and offers total automation. The latest equipment even offers a lot of curb appeal — or rather backyard appeal!

The Benefits of Renovating or Updating Your Pool Equipment

Your old pump and filter system could be robbing you blind. In fact, it could be costing you from $324 to $1350 annually, maybe more, according to where you live. Today's new high efficiency pool equipment can save you 30% to 90% in energy costs. Consider replacing your old, outdated pump with something clean, efficient and intelligent. It is important to choose the right pump, filter system and other components to keep your costs down, especially in today's economy. You have many options. It's important to do your research and check with professionals who install and work with the equipment every day. You want to make in informed decision. After all, you want to choose equipment that will last for many years to come, so you get the best returns on your investment.

New Pump Technologies Offer Automation

New pump technologies use intelligent systems and mechanisms to adjust settings automatically, somewhat like the automated systems in a hybrid vehicle. Using permanent magnet motors, you have complete control at the touch of button.

Old pumps, with their filters and cartridges, are very hard to maintain and replace. The newer models offer the greatest in convenience. Filters and cartridges can be pulled out quickly and easily for cleaning and maintenance. Statistics indicate that they keep your pool up to 60% cleaner than outdated pumps, too! That means less cleaning for you and more time to enjoy your pool.

Want a Salt Water Pool? Let It Be So ...

Salt water pools are growing in popularity. Convert your existing pool to a salt water pool by replacing your current generator system. They use an intelligent chlorine generator to automatically monitor and control the chlorine. Using a salt water additive that is delivered in the right doses through an automated system, the generator means you no longer have to lug heavy chlorine pails to your equipment to feed by hand. You make fewer trips to the equipment in general! The filters last and last. Plus, the new automated systems — whether salt water or traditional — help combat the three most common problems that cause damage to the older systems: overheating, freezing and voltage irregularities.

On-Demand Control

Automatic pool remote controls

Do you enjoy your visits to your existing pool equipment to make adjustment after adjustment? With your current system, if you want the water to be cooler or warmer, if you want to turn on a water feature or flip on the lights for a nighttime swim, it means a trip to the old equipment. Not with the new remote-control system that offers touch control of lighting, heating, water features, spa jets, the cleaner and more. Have remotes stationed throughout your home; keep one poolside, so you can control your pool and spa from the comfort of your pool chair! Touch pads and digital LED screens make it that much easier.

New Heater Systems Extend Poolside Enjoyment

Want to add three months of poolside fun to your life? Consider a new heater system. Your outdated heater is pulling money from your pocket every month. Most people turn off their heaters before they need to and wait to the last minute possible to turn them on due to the cost of running it. That means, no one is going in the pool; no one wants to take a frigid dip! The new heaters are made to look good and act great year 'round, adding more backyard pleasure to your life and the lives of your family members and friends. Throw a pool party in February. Don't worry about the cost of heating your pool. The new systems, with their easy automation, save you big. Spend the extra on some steaks and throw them on the grill.

Add Ambiance with the Right Lighting

Today's completely automated digital lighting systems give you complete control over the mood of your pool and spa. Using LED and halogen technologies, the lights themselves are budget-friendly. Plus, they provide beautiful lighting options. Want to take a dip after dark? Go ahead. Choose the color you want at the touch of your remote and enjoy your swim. Add even more drama to the look of your poolside landscaping with colored perimeter lighting ... automated for your convenience. Give yourself the gift of complete control over the look and feel of your pool.

Consider a Change ... Upgrade Your Pool or Spa

Take a step outside and visit your backyard. Look at your pool or spa. Take a look at your bulky old pool equipment. Take a look at your monthly electric bills. It might be time to consider renovating your pool and replacing that outdated gear. The return on your investment will occur within short time. With new equipment in place, you can save up to 90% in energy costs alone.

Want another reason to update your pool? You can save money by staying home this summer and enjoying your own backyard getaway. No need to spend big bucks on today's high gas prices! Calculate the savings. You'll see that you'll have your investment back in no time!

If you pool has cracks, if you'd like to add some nifty water features and colorific lighting that you control remotely with the touch of a button or two, give us a call. It might be time for a renovation. Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation visit. We'll take a look at what you have and give you options. If you like what we have to say, we'll provide you with a bid. We do quality work at an affordable price. You'll like working with us. For more about how we work, visit our process page. 

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